The Miguel Tree is the native plant of Miguel Land. It blooms all over the Main Land They are also Found in the Blazing Fields Due to the fact that they burn at 1,000 degrees Celsius. Their seeds are similar to those of the Alberto Tree found in Alberto Land. Like the other islands seeds the Miguel Trees seeds also walk around and eat/drink but when they are ready to sprout the dig a small hole sprout wings go 100 miles up and drop into there hole. This tree takes 3 days to sprout while it's life as a seed only last 2 days. But be warned when released from the pack they are sold in the seeds are hyper-active for 3 hours. When the tree sprouts it it starts to produce chocolate of any kind. The type of conocistes depends on the chocolate you put in the hole which they made if no chocolate is put then it will sprout skittles which is obviously not chocolate