The University of Magic is a school for young sorcerers and witches. It consist of 2 halves one half teaches primary courses of magic wich are Fire, Earth, Air, and Water Magic. The primary half is divided in to four parts, each part to an element. This half teaches kids from ages 10-13. course takes 6 months. Once a student completes a course they go on to the secondary class's which are space, temperature, light, healing, and electricity magic. Students can choose to take secondary classes which also take 6 months. Students can keep taking secondary classes until they learn all of them or stop whenever they want. But students can only learn one of the primary magic types. To learn the other three you must learn all the secondary then take these. To move onto secondary classes you must face a challenge that the teachers there pick. To graduate from the school after you take secondary classes you must face another test or you don't move on / graduate. To solve the challenges you must use the magics(s) you learned. Each part of the school teaches you about the element you chose primarily. The classes are History of (Element) dangers of (element) uses of (element) and fighting using ( element). The secondary magic(s) have the same classes and are learned in the other half of the school. The second half teaches students from 13-18.